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"I hadn't been to the dentist in over 10 years, I have difficulty getting around and was embarrassed that I had waited so long. Erin was sympathetic and understanding. She now cleans my teeth on a regular basis, and they feel great. I highly recommend Cascade Hygiene to anyone who needs a compassionate dental hygienist." 

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Patient Testimonials....

Sometimes when I go to the regular dentist I feel rushed around and like a number, but with Cascade Hygiene, they really take their time and get to know you. I know this may sound weird, but I look forward to my cleanings now and I love chatting with my hygienist. 

"I was nervous to sign up for a cleaning, because they have always hurt in the past. I was way overdue, and decided to give Erin a try. It was the best cleaning I have ever had! She is gentle and very thorough, I am very pleased that she comes to my home and I will recommend her to anyone." 

"I was worried about the cost of dental care, I don't have dental insurance and after calling around to several offices, Cascade Hygiene saved me hundreds of dollars and it was the most thorough cleaning of my life."