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Payments {cash, credit, check}

After treatment, you will receive an invoice payable to Cascade Hygiene. Along with personalized notes and recommendations, your invoice will have the procedure codes relating to your treatment and all of the information required if you are planning to submit it to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. You have one year to submit a claim, and you should be reimbursed according to your individual plan.

Cascade Hygiene accepts cash, checks, and credit card payments with Paypal (click the button below)
We provide a full dental hygiene care plan for each patient. Our fees vary based on each patient's specific dental hygiene needs. If you do not have dental insurance, as most folks do not because the cost of a few cleanings a year is far less than a typical premium, you will find our fees to be very affordable compared to any brick and mortar dental office. Because we are a mobile unit with lower overhead and fewer employees, our rates average about 25-30% lower than a traditional dental office.


To mail a payment:

Cascade Hygiene 
P.O. Box 5842
Bremerton, WA 98312 


To use Paypal:

  1. Click the “PAYPAL” button

  2. Enter the dollar amount of your invoice & click Next

  3. Enter the invoice number in the Notes section

  4. Follow the prompts to complete your Paypal payment

Paypal is the most secure way to pay online and we proudly offer this service for your convenience.


To arrange another payment method, please call (360) 362-0150 or email


Dental Insurance

Cascade Hygiene believes that you should be able to use the insurance you may already be paying for.  Please check with your insurance provider to see if mobile dental cleanings are covered. Most major carriers provide these benefits and make the reimbursement process fairly simple. When checking your benefits, you may need to explain to your insurer that you are unable to use another provider because you are unable to travel to a traditional dental office. Cascade Hygiene is the only mobile dental service that will travel to you.

Please note, Cascade Hygiene does not directly bill dental insurers. You will pay Cascade Hygiene, then send a copy of our invoice to your dental insurance company, and you may be reimbursed at the coverage level provided by your insurer.